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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.18)

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2817671 Task Model Headers - Header Type ID/Header Type Name not Mapping

3063711 Remove Ability to Edit Items in User Application that Should Not be Edited

3508814 Auto Send email triggers mail to everyone irrespective of Notification options

3660761 Punch Email Notification Link - Opens Blank Edit Window if User Last Logged out of Different Project

3663214 Remove Non-Importable Fields from Task Step Import

3671993 Task Model Header - "Assets: Range (Low/High) | Instrument – Range (Low)" Label Should Read "Assets: Range (Low)

3672563 Import doesn't display error when user tries to update systemization/location of planned tasks

3714897 Paper Completed Certificates - Grid State Does not Update When Importing Closed Data on Paper Completed Certs

3660777 RFI - Comm ID not Populating in Email

3620660 Task Scheduled Start and End Date Discrepancy Between Edit Window and SmartForm

3653078 Skyline Chart - Accumulated Total Count Mismatch when WBS and System Filtered

3568002 N/c doesn’t link in questionnaire/review tab of RFI's

2974536 NOE manager documents tab slow response

3030764 Certificate datasheet not loading

2669434 Please add Existing Near Miss Mail Merge Template to Forms Library

2929215 PL ID not displayed in certificate smartform when accessed through PL manager

3679547 Planned tasks edit window- Submitted by, Completed by & Closed by not showing correct resources as per access rights

2655363 Certificate type manager - Workgroup hyperlink opens Task model view.

2920971 Maintenance tasks - Execute button not active

3205641 Assurance Certificates - Saving Changes to System Alignment Taking Minutes

3660773 Subsystem List Navigation Panel Label - Fix "Name/Description" to Display "Subsystem"

3689414 U16 release caused Punchlist creation to fail in customer's site

3733608 Discrepancy Between Actual End Date in Certificate and System/Subsystem Custody for Some Time Zones

3670617 Add Trim Function in TOP File Compilation

3675988 Incorrect view in link received - Notify button - Preservation tasks manager

3667740 Planned Tasks Edit Form - Location Association Unable to Save Boolean Set to Physical Location

2445418 Job Safety Packages - Pop-up prompt at "close" not working

2647554 Secondary columns panes adopt duplicate label if moved

3744056 Data Exchange - Document Data Restriction

3748904 Duplicate workflow states are imported which slows down the RFI manager