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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.18)

Intergraph Smart Completions
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Release Bulletin
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  • You can now upload unlimited number of files using the Files section of the Planned tasks, Planned Flange Join Tasks, and Assurance Certifications. For more information, see Upload files to planned tasks, Upload files to planned flange joint tasks, and Adding documents to Certificates. (3645602, 3601659)

  • We support enabling of FIPS at operating system level. (3569968)

  • Introducing Smart APIs for customizing Smart Completions as required. See below for the list of newly introduced APIs:

    You are required to purchase the recommended licenses to use the Smart APIs in support with a third party tool. For more information about purchasing licenses, contact your Customer Success Managers.

    3308734 READ Smart API - System/Subsystem Completions Summary (Custody, Task and Punch Counts)

    3443510 READ Smart API - Assets (list w/ PBS & LBS Associations, Current Custody, OEM Data & Images)

    3443522 READ Smart API - Assurance Certificates (list w/ PBS-LBS-WBS-Tag associations, Status & PDF files)

    3443531 READ Smart API - Location Breakdown Structure (LBS)

    3443532 READ Smart API - Process Breakdown Structure (PBS)

    3444017 READ Smart API - Punchlist (list w/ PBS-LBS-WBS-Tag associations, Status & GPS)

    3444066 READ Smart API - Work Packages (list w/ PBS-LBS-WBS-Tag associations, Status & PDF Files)

    3444077 READ Smart API - WP steps, type, Task ID, object, and completion state

    3444097 READ Smart API - Planned Tasks & Steps (list w/ PBS-LBS-WBS-Tag associations, Status & PDF files)

    3444239 READ Smart API - Punch to Certificate

    3444240 READ Smart API - Task to Certificate

    3444247 READ Smart API - Instances/Projects

    3445832 READ Smart API - Punchlist (w/ Punchlist Docs & PDF files)

    3445833 READ Smart API - Punchlist (w/ Punch As-Found/Left Image files)

    3582534 READ Smart API - Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

    3586668 READ Smart API - Export File Extraction

    3586670 READ Smart API - Trigger Export Generation

    3586676 READ Smart API - Add Virtual API support