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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.18)

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TR-AM-181598 Unable to Modify saved Reports

TR-AM-179509 User Accounts being Auto-Terminated by System

TR-AM-180435 Auto-Assign certificates not updating when asset and task system changed

TR-AM-181573 Task Completed with empty required steps - Punch Rejection Step

TR-AM-181694 Users with Area/Syst Rights Boundaries Cannot Complete Area/Syst Certificate

TR-AM-173449 Handover Packages not pulling uploaded punch forms/Criteria filter not working

TR-AM-173532 SaaS As-Found/As-Left images in NC are interchanging after uploading

TR-AM-180206 New users getting an "Invalid Page Request" Error

TR-AM-180338 Job Cards - Cannot Import Responsible Company

TR-AM-181858 CSV exports only show Database column name in column headers

TR-AM-177682 vResources import validation report not accurate

TR-AM-178164 Import validation removing paragraph formatting from importing

TR-AM-179321 Task datasheet sub-steps do not count past .9 vTasks_TestsCompletion

TR-AM-179510 Copying Saved Searches - Planned Task saved searches duplicate in Task By Assets

TR-AM-180184 Pipe pack Datasheet - Pack task states not aligned with UI workflow states

TR-AM-180241 Planned Task Attachments not showing in Work Packages secondary panel

TR-AM-181140 New User Email - "Open" Hyperlink URL Landing Page is Edit Window for Resource

TR-AM-182149 Asset import - Import NULL into Verified on Field not removing selection

TR-AM-182752 Unable to create manual JobCard ID using vJobs import (Update 13 Repackage)