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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.18)

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TR-AM-179300 Systemization type task mode header - Systems not available for selection.

TR-AM-180391 Handover package type removal from TOC & Replacing Handover Content - Data Loss.

TR-AM-180647 Smart Completions Upload tool timing out.

TR-AM- 180782 Certificate SmartForm - Comments and Observations not Saving.

TR-AM-177478 NOEs re-sequencing is not working correctly plus optional mapping to fields.

TR-AM-178270 Work Package - Not Including Loop and Pack Documents /Company Instance Filtering.

TR-AM-178897 Asset list is not imported in vBOM Import.

TR-AM-179212 Work Package - Custom Fields filter not working.

TR-AM-179383 Job Card Pending Punch Tab removes Punchlists that are not closed.

TR-AM-179436 Users can bypass dynamic workflow settings for hard-coded managers.

TR-AM-160349 Request to make project dropdown in the menu toolbar scrollable.

TR-AM-162288 Export manager - Punchlist export - filter on process breakdown code not working.

TR-AM-163286 Resources Manager - Work Group Tab in Secondary Pane not populating Information.

TR-AM-171644 Asset Export - Work Package Filter is not Working.

TR-AM-175610 Fix Date Removed Field to vAssetPacksDocuments and vWorkPackagesDocuments Import.

TR-AM-177431 Tasks Steps Export - Is Step Done? Column not Exporting Accurate Data.

TR-AM-177480 Job Card Creation Wizard does not filter tasks by Responsible Company.

TR-AM-177564 WP Card/DataSheet - Document ID Cut Off/ Blank Page/ Sequence list mismatch.

TR-AM-178374 Flange Task - Predecessor not visible in Secondary panel.

TR-AM-179288 Assets Manager - Unable to view Custom tab in Interface labels window.

TR-AM-179437 Saved preservation task export with Past Due Filter issue.