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TR-AM-178222 TOP Package - TOC's downloading only native files - No PDF files included

TR-AM-179498 Beta Feedback on TR-AM-155944: Caused document custom workflow to break

TR-AM-155944 Previous rev PDF either not saving, batch revoke not capturing comments

TR-AM-176636 Certificate 3 signature workflow - submit using vTasks_TestsCompletion

TR-AM-177168 Importing to overwrite custom fields (update and insert) using null cause errors

TR-AM-178231 Certificates manager - pending filters not working

TR-AM-178809 Aconex Data Exchange Type - Token Manager (OAuth credentials) Make site wide

TR-AM-179503 PDF forms fail to render when too many inspection steps added to the Task

TR-AM-142123 Data Exchange Manager - Remove Share Point configuration in Data Exchange

TR-AM-152245 Paper tasks change status to Started when Completed

TR-AM-163885 Loops - Area missing from location and process area in navigation panel

TR-AM-164938 Task, by Assets Filter - Advanced > Planned task > Completed Yes/No Not Working

TR-AM-169705 MOC manager - Workflow colors won't transfer to the grid

TR-AM-170990 Import template files are not accessible for sites updated through Dacpac

TR-AM-171786 On-Demand tasks - Change rights to create or edit only OD tasks (not all tasks)

TR-AM-172168 Task Models - Dialogue Box Remains after Batch revoking approved TM's

TR-AM-177378 Job card schedule start date column sorting not working