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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.18)

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TR-AM-182409 Handover Packages (Digital) export - Include workflow show error

TR-AM-182867 RFI - TOP/TOC - Only Downloads RFI Datasheets that Also Have Attachments

TR-AM-183125 Document-System Relationship Removal - Not Working

TR-AM-162676 SaaS - MOC Questionnaire is not appearing in the MOC Datasheets

TR-AM-175081 Flange Joint Tasks - Systemization Association & Task Resetting

TR-AM-180068 TOP Document Filename Truncation Request

TR-AM-180563 Assurance certificate manager - incorrect Certificate Dependencies Status

TR-AM-181176 Custom field labels not updating in TM Header for Pack(Skids) or Pack(Cables)

TR-AM-181616 Copy Paper Cert to Create New Enables Complete Button - Causing Blank ID's

TR-AM-182112 Unable to Unlink Projects from Documents - dtRemoved Missing

TR-AM-182113 Paper vs Digital Task Workflow Discrepancy

TR-AM-182337 Unable to filter pipe pack using advanced search - Hydrostatic Test pressure

TR-AM-156907 Images in Reference Image inspection step not saving when TM is copied

TR-AM-180480 Copying Grid Settings Duplicating Newly Added Columns

TR-AM-181287 HOP Cover Page System and Subsystem Columns Character Limit

TR-AM-181425 Resource Titles Previously Used in Task Model not Updating in Tasks Second Time

TR-AM-181840 Resource Index Report Export - Terminated Status Blank

TR-AM-182333 ivAssets_Renaming creates duplicate tags