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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.18)

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2555294 When copying task models, after doing a reset on a search all TMs are displayed

2680943 Inspection Grade Step, 2 Option - Step & Header labels misaligned

2791941 Hide/Show Inspection Step - Shows Hidden Sub-Step Labels, when option Selected

2950948 Advanced Document Filter in Criteria Not Working in Asset Exports & Asset TOC's

3211114 Unable to recreate purged Pack Disciplines in Pack Type Manager

3588902 Unassigned system tasks displayed incorrectly in commissioning readiness report (system-centric)

2479984 Task Status in Job Card & Piping Packs PDF not similar

2744297 Pipe Pack - Add Child Tag list column

2708472 Systemization Tree - Date filters not working In Change Tracking

3055145 NC Datasheet - Image Caption not text wrapping on Datasheet

3202471 Loop Devices Export Ignoring Project Selection

2714500 Copying Task Models from Source Project to Existing Project, inserts WBS

3019422 Images lost in task completion: Picture Inspection Step

3589775 Data Exchange Recurrence Does Not Work When Configured to Run 1st day of Each Month

3607518 Certificate Multi-Assignment Type - Task Assignment Limited to 1000 Tasks

3607554 Imports and Purge/Restore Manager - Add Protections Against Duplicate ID's

3613715 Linked tasks cannot be unassigned from RFI

3623588 Work Package Comment Text Field Unavailable - Unable to add Work Package Comment

3572465 PIN Number Generated for User, Populated Different Users Name

3574629 Cancelled Preservation - Status Intermittently Shows as "Started"

3646815 Paper based certificate- critical punchlists can only be marked as exceptions even if PL exception threshold is set 'By Sequence'

3689405 Preservation Tasks - Execution Type Filter Not Working

3692724 RFI import - Originated status not added for new records