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Intergraph Smart Completions Release Notes (5.3.18)

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TR-AM-182572 Punchlist Index Report Missing Multiple Statuses (Originate, Submit, Approve)

TR-AM-182944 Asset not Inserting in Task Steps when Updating CCMS Tasks from Task Model

TR-AM-183740 Unable to Upload Completed Paper Forms to Any Tasks When Spanish Selected

TR-AM-184898 Email Notification - configuration email option not working for some modules

TR-AM-185065 All files labelled as requested when downloaded in RFI (TOP Package)

TR-AM-167339 Protections against simultaneous changes to workflow states

TR-AM-171373 Planned Task Import Wrong Field Mapping Can Change Task Tool ID

TR-AM-173179 Punchlist manager - workflow reopen/revoke comments not recorded.

TR-AM-182415 Cert Syst Lock Remains for Punch Grid and Batch Edit Even after Removed

TR-AM-182505 Punches Linked Only to Asset Packs Do Not Adopt Pack System Changes

TR-AM-183064 NOE Mail Merge - "AssetList" Field & "ScheduleDate" Issues

TR-AM-183562 TOC Content Docs - No Files Download if Native File Attached to Document

TR-AM-155104 Preservation Progress Reports Date not showing Disciplines Totals

TR-AM-182579 Skyline PDF Chart Blocks - No Colour Fill for Walked Down (Future)

TR-AM-182762 RFI Reports Cutting Off Long RFI ID's

TR-AM-182779 Work Package Export - Actual Start Date Always Empty

TR-AM-182830 Workflow Fields Missing When Importing from Work Package Manager

TR-AM-182869 Preservation by Assets - Filters Not Working in Export

TR-AM-182978 Rework Task Adopts Original Task Created Date in Task Edit Window

TR-AM-183070 Isolation Steps/Assets Duplicating After Revoking, Adding New and Approving

TR-AM-183126 Tasks with T-Txxxxxxxxx-0001 are accidentally created in Tasks, By Assets

TR-AM-183261 Planned Task TOC PDF Download Not Honoring Safety/Environmental Filter

TR-AM-182940 Test Forms Packages - Form Uploads but Workflow Unchanged/Add Dialogue Boxes

TR-AM-175807 Release Notes 5.3.9 Corrections - Flange Joint ID Added to Assets Import