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If the website containing the Smart API Manager application has Site Bindings set to a specific IPv4 address value, you may encounter issues.

SHARED Tip The default IP Address value of *, or All Unassigned, should always work.

What happens if Site Bindings are set to an IPv4 address?

If Site Bindings are set to an IPv4 address, the Integrated Windows Authentication identity provider delivered with Smart API Manager might fail to work. You might see errors in the dashboard log file like the following:

2016-11-11 07:43:46.4125 ERROR System.Net | [5596] Exception in HttpWebRequest#34609487:: - The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.. |

How do I fix the problem?

The problem occurs because certain Smart API Manager components attempt to connect to the server using the IPv6 protocol. To fix, add an additional binding for the Type and Port using an IPv6 address for the server.

If IPv6 is enabled on your network, enter the IPv6 address for the server. If not, you can enter the IPv6 address for localhost, which is ::1. To determine which value to enter, while logged on to the server, use the ping command to ping the server. If an IPv6 address is returned, enter that value. If not, enter ::1, as shown in the table below.

The following table shows the existing IPv4 binding first, followed by the IPv6 binding that has been added:


Host Name


IP Address

Binding Information