Step 6: Review configuration - Intergraph Smart API Manager - 2020 (4.0) - Installation & Upgrade

Intergraph Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration Guide

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Intergraph Smart API Manager
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Installation & Upgrade

These steps are completed on the Review Configuration page of the Smart API Manager Configuration Utility wizard.

  1. Review the configuration settings you have chosen. Click Back to make any changes.

  2. Click Save Configuration to save the current configuration settings to a file. You can use the file to restore or add instances of Smart API Manager with the exact same configuration.

    SHARED Tip Ensure the configuration you are saving contains precisely the options you require. For example, it is much more common to save a configuration file for an existing database/domain (re-configure option) than for a new database/domain.

  3. To encrypt the file, provide a password of at least six characters.

    SHARED Tip Remember the password because it is required to use the file.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Select the Run Health Diagnostics option to run diagnostics after configuration completes. The diagnostics confirms all major components for Smart API Manager are running and configured properly.

  6. Select the Take Me to Smart API Dashboard option to automatically launch the Smart API Manager web application after configuration completes.

    The Smart API Manager web application is used to register Smart APIs, Smart Clients, groups, and users, and to complete other tasks necessary to enable access to Smart APIs.

  7. Click Finish to apply all setting and configure the Smart API Manager installation.

What to do if you get an error when validating the dashboard and help system for an Oracle database instance

If you have configured against an Oracle database instance and receive an error during the Validate the dashboard and help system step of the Health Diagnostics:

  1. Browse to https://<servername>/sam

  2. If you receive an HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error with the configuration error There is a duplicate 'oracle.manageddataaccess.client' section defined, then:

    1. Cancel out of the Configuration Utility.

    2. Follow the instructions in Oracle ODP.NET configuration to resolve the issue.

    3. Run the Configuration Utility again, using the Re-configure option.

    4. Click Next until you reach the Review Configuration (Step 6 of 6) page.

    5. Re-enter the System Administrator Account Password: on the Database Configuration (Step 2 of 6) page.

    6. Click Finish.

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