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Intergraph Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration Guide

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Installation & Upgrade

The Smart API Manager Configuration Utility can be run from the command line in unattended mode, allowing you to configure additional instances of Smart API Manager unattended. When coupled with the silent mode provided by the installer, it is possible to install and configure the Smart API Manager wholly unattended.

Unattended configuration requires an encrypted configuration file. This file is created during an interactive configuration, as explained in Save current configuration and Step 6: Review configuration.

SHARED Tip If you want to configure an instance of Smart API Manager in unattended mode but need to use different parameters than those saved in the configuration file, you can modify the configuration file. To do so, decrypt the file, use a text editor to make your changes, and then re-encrypt the file.

Command-line parameters

The complete list of command-line parameters supported by the Configuration Utility are provided from the command line executable. To access it, run the command prompt as an administrator and enter the path to the Configuration Utility executable, followed by the Help parameter /?, for example:

“C:\Program Files\Intergraph\Smart API Management Server\Tools\ Intergraph.WebApi.Management.ConfigurationTool.exe” /?

For reference, the following parameters are commonly used to run the Configuration Utility from the command line:




Decrypt a configuration file


Encrypt a configuration file


Path to a configuration file


Password to decrypt or encrypt a configuration file


Run in command-line mode


Unattended mode




Configure Smart API Manager in unattended mode


/r /u /f c:\temp\SAMConfig.txt /p MyPassword

Run health diagnostics


/r /h /f c:\temp\SAMConfig.txt /p MyPassword

Decrypt a configuration file


/d /f c:\temp\SAMConfig.txt /p MyPassword

Encrypt a configuration file


/e /f c:\temp\SAMConfig.txt /p MyPassword

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