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Installation & Upgrade

By default, the Smart API Manager web client user interface (UI) is rendered in United States English. Text key/value pairs are defined in locale-en_US.json, which resides in the i18N application folder.

What are language culture names?

To convert the UI to another language:

  1. On the Smart API Manager web server, go to the following folder:

    [Smart API Manager Install Folder]\Dashboard\i18N

  2. Copy locale-en_US.json and rename the copied file based on the desired language culture name.

    Some languages include a specific culture, meaning the name includes a country in parentheses. For example, if the target language is French (France), save the file as locale-fr_FR.json.

    To target languages that do not specify a culture, exlude the ending underscore and culture code from the filename. For example, for Japanese and Russian, respective filenames are: locale-ja.json and locale-ru.json.

  3. In a text editor, translate the text string for each key-value pair.

  4. Place the file in the \i18N folder.

  5. If you have multiple instances of Smart API Manager, place a copy of the file in the \i18N folder for each instance.

When a user logs on to Smart API Manager, it detects the preferred language for the browser and displays text from the matching .json file. For an explanation of how an end user changes the preferred language, see Internationalization.