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Intergraph Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration Guide

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Welcome to Intergraph Smart® API Manager, a security token service and lightweight API management system focused on the needs of Hexagon PPM customers. Administrators, developers, and others use Smart API Manager to:

  • Deploy and manage Smart APIs, which are RESTful web APIs developed by Hexagon PPM. These APIs typically provide access to data associated with software applications like SmartPlant Foundation or Smart3D.

  • Register Smart Clients, which are software applications that consume one or more Smart APIs. Smart Clients can be Hexagon PPM software applications, third-party software applications, or custom software.

  • Create and manage users and groups, which identify those allowed to access a Smart API through the use of a Smart Client.

For more information about using Smart API Manager, see the Smart API Manager help.

When setting up an environment of Intergraph Smart products, order is important because the Smart API installation and configuration process must register the Smart API with Smart API Manager. Before any Smart API is deployed, Smart API Manager must be installed, configured, and reachable on the network.

Smart API Manager components

Smart API Manager includes multiple components that, together, control access to Smart APIs:

  • Management API - The Smart API that manages creating, editing, and deleting Smart API Manager data.

  • Management Database - The database that stores Smart API Manager data.

  • Smart API Manager - The web application you use to register Smart APIs, Smart Clients, groups, and users. Smart API Manager uses the Management API to create, edit, and delete data in the Management Database.

  • Configuration Utility - A wizard application used to create and configure the Management Database as well as configure IIS, security, and other system settings required to run Smart API Manager.

  • Security Token Service - A software component that issues access tokens for authenticated users. Access tokens are required to call Smart APIs.

  • Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) Service - An optional service that supports user authentication using IWA.

  • CA SiteMinder Authentication (SM) Service - An optional service that supports user authentication using CA SiteMinder.

All components are included in the Smart API Manager installation (you can use an enterprise DB management system in lieu of the provided local database). After installation, run the Configuration Utility to configure Smart API Manager and make it reachable on the network.

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