Smart API Manager server - Intergraph Smart API Manager - 2020 (4.0) - Installation & Upgrade

Intergraph Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration Guide

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Intergraph Smart API Manager
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Installation & Upgrade

Hardware recommendations

  • 4 core high-end server processor

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 5 GB free disk space for software installation

  • DVD drive access, either locally or through a network connection for installation

  • 100 BaseT or higher network interface

Software prerequisites

The following should be installed on the same computer as Smart API Manager:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

  • A PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader (required for viewing the Software License Agreement and printable guides)

Supported operating system

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019, 2016, or 2012 R2, Standard or Enterprise Edition, with the Web Server (IIS) role installed

IIS Server configuration

SHARED Tip Install the following server roles (minimum) below Web Server (IIS):

  • Web Server

    • Common HTTP Features

      • Default Document

      • Directory Browsing

      • HTTP Errors

      • Static Content

    • Health and Diagnostics

      • HTTP Logging

    • Performance

      • Static Content Compression

    • Security

      • Request Filtering

      • Windows Authentication

    • Application Development

      • .NET Extensibility 4.x

      • ASP.NET 4.x

      • ISAPI Extensions

      • ISAPI Filters

  • Management Tools

    • IIS Management Console