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Intergraph Smart 3D Tribon Interface

Intergraph Smart 3D
Administration & Configuration

Using the Smart 3D Tribon Interface, you can import structural Tribon Initial Design data (defined in XML format) into Intergraph Smart 3D. The imported Tribon data is background structure used for planning and outfitting work. Smart 3D only supports XML in Schema V3 format, which is output by the Basic Design modules of Tribon Initial Design M3 (Version 1.3).

The Intergraph Smart 3D Tribon Interface (SEBY812AG) is a separately purchasable product from Intergraph that you can add to a Smart 3D installation. Therefore, prior to installing the Smart 3D Tribon Interface, verify that Smart 3D has been installed. You cannot install the Smart 3D Tribon Interface without first having installed Smart 3D.

After you install Smart 3D Tribon Interface, the File > Import > Ship Structure command is available in the Molded Forms and Structural Detailing tasks to import Tribon XML files. Various import options are defined in an initialization file, TribonImport.ini, delivered in the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Data\TribonTranslators\MappingFiles folder. For more information about the initialization file, see Tribon Import Initialization File. To ensure that profile cross sections and materials are mapped between Smart 3D and Tribon, you need to provide a mapping spreadsheet. For more information, see Import Translation Map Workbook. During the import, log files are generated in the system temp folder. The log file, ElementInfo, provides a list of imported data by Type. The log file Error provides information about the objects that encountered issues during import. For more information on importing Tribon data into Smart 3D, see Import Ship Structure.

In some cases, the data in the Tribon XML files must be repaired. A command, Tools > Repair Tribon XML, is provided for this repair process. You can re-import the data into Smart 3D after repairing it.

The integrity of the source data is the responsibility of the generating software (in this case, Tribon). Users who repair the data with the custom command assume liability and responsibility for the results. Intergraph does not assume any liability for the data modifications.