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  1. Export data from Tribon Initial Design to create an M3 XML file.

  2. In Smart 3D, click File > Import > Import Ship Structure Command to display the Import Ship Structure Dialog.

  3. Click the button next to the XML file or path box to navigate to the appropriate folder location. Then either click Open to process all of the valid XML files in the folder, or select the individual XML file to use for import, and then click Open.

  4. Click the button next to the Map file box to select the XLS map workbook to use for import, and then click Open.

    SHARED TipThe delivered mapping file is found in [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Data\TribonTranslator\MappingFiles\SM_Mapping.xls.

  5. Select a system to use as the parent for the imported data.

  6. Click OK to import the Tribon data as specified, or click Submit Job to run the import as a batch job.

To set up the batch service, see Installing Intergraph Batch Services in Intergraph Smart 3D Installation.