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Defines holes on a plate. Holes are created in the same way as the parent plate, as defined for Instance on the panel. Smart 3D transforms local coordinates into global coordinates. Smart 3D imports a hole as ImpGenericPart, with object type of ImpHole.

<HoleGroup GroupId="21" >

<HoleShape HoleDefId="D220" HoleType="D" />



<Hole CompId="1" >


<StartPoint2d U="6.8550000000E003"

V="1.9415000000E004" />


<Amplitude2d U="0.0000000000E000"

V="0.0000000000E000" />

<Node2d U="7.0000000000E003"

V="1.9463000000E004" />





<Box Length="1.4500000000E002"


<Origin U="6.8550000000E003"

V="1.9415000000E004" />

<BaseVector U="1.0000000000E000"

V="0.0000000000E000" />







Defines the shape for the hole group.


Specifies a standard hole as defined in the reference data. For more information, see <HoleDef> in Reference Data XML Tags.


Defines a unique identifier for the hole type.


Defines dimension parameters for the hole.


Contains shape and location definitions for a single hole.


Defines a unique numeric identifier for the object within the defined value of HoleType.


Defines the shape of the hole. The plane panel contour or curved panel faceted surface is used for projection of the hole contour.


Defines the starting node point coordinates in the 2D U-V plane.


Specifies a segment of the contour in the 2D U-V plane. The segment can be a straight line or an arc.


Defines the distance of the midpoint of a segment from a line drawn between the node points. The U and V values are 0 for a straight line.


Defines the ending node point coordinates of a contour segment in the 2D U-V plane.


Defines a range box containing the contour.


Specifies the length of the range box.


Specifies the width of the range box.


Specifies the origin of the range box in the local coordinate system of the plate.


Defines the axis of the local coordinate system that is used as the horizontal axis for the hole.


Defines a value along the U-axis of the local coordinate system.


Defines a value along the V-axis of the local coordinate system.