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Installing the Smart 3D Tribon Interface component allows you to import Tribon Initial Design M3 structural data into Smart 3D for planning and outfitting purposes.

Intergraph Smart 3D Tribon Interface (SEBY812AA) is a separately-licensed product. Please contact Intergraph Support for licensing information.

Prior to installing Smart 3D on a workstation computer, verify that the workstation computer meets the required hardware and software requirements and that all prerequisite software has been installed. See Smart 3D Workstation Recommendations in the Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Help. You can find additional information about the prerequisite software in Loading Prerequisite Software on the Client.

Remove the older version of Smart 3D before loading the new version. See Remove Smart 3D Software in the Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Help.

For installation of the Smart 3D Tribon Interface, see Smart 3D Tribon Interface Setup section in the Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Help.

You must have administrator privileges on the computer to install the software. We recommend using the Run as Administrator option.

  • Intergraph Smart Licensing client must be installed and configured on your computer before installing Smart 3D.

  • Programming Resources was removed from the product media. If you need Programming Resources, you can download the installation from Intergraph Smart® Support (

  • If you are doing Material Handling, you must install Intergraph SmartSketch before installing Smart 3D. If you install Smart 3D first, then Smart 3D will not work properly. You must separately purchase SmartSketch (SGBY297AV).

  • During setup, the %temp% value is defined as the user %temp% of the person who runs the setup. In Windows, each user's C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp is protected from other Windows users. Consequently, you must set the system environment variable TEMP value to a folder location where everyone has write access (for example, c:\temp). For more information about editing system variables, see the Help and Support Center (click Start > Help and Support Center from the Windows task bar).

  1. Insert the Intergraph Smart 3D DVD. If the DVD does not start automatically, right-click Setup.exe in the root folder of the DVD and select Run as administrator.

  2. Click Additional Software, and the select the optional software that you need to install, if any:

    Install SmartPlant Schema Component
    Install PDS Export Tools

  3. Click Back if needed.

  4. Click Full Installation.

  5. Type your name or organization information.

  6. Select the components to install on this computer:

    • Smart 3D Installation - Installs the Smart 3D client component that contains the modeling tasks such as Common, Piping, Equipment, Structure, and so forth.

      • Project Management - Installs the Project Management client used for creating models, managing access control, and upgrading databases. Select this option for an administrator's computer. You must also install the Server Connectivity option (below) and the Microsoft SQL Server client tools. The Microsoft SQL Server client tools are not required on computers where Project Management is not installed or if you are using Oracle as your database provider.

      • Bulkload Reference Data - Installs sample Microsoft Excel reference data workbooks and the utilities needed to bulkload the workbooks into the Catalog task. Select this option for people working with reference data and the Catalog task. You must also install the Server Connectivity option if you select this option.

      • Piping Specification Remote Access Server - Installs the necessary software for correlating piping specification data between Smart 3D and SmartPlant P&ID. For more information about the P&ID integration capabilities of the software, see Integrating with Intergraph Smart P&ID in the Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Guide.

      • Database Interference Detection Service - Installs the software required for database interference detection. You must configure this service through Windows Services. Requires the Project Management and the Server Connectivity components. See Interference Checking Setup.

      • Server Connectivity - Installs required database connectivity components for Project Management, the Bulkload Utility, Piping Specification Remote Access Server, and the Database Interference Detection Service.

      • 64-bit Services - Installs the 64-bit version of the Interference Checking and Drawings Batch Services components. Installing this component is also required if you plan to use the Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service.

        64-bit Services cannot be uninstalled individually. You must remove all of Intergraph Smart 3D from the computer to remove the 64-bit Services component.

      • Intergraph Smart 3Dx - Installs the 64-bit Intergraph Smart 3Dx client. Intergraph Smart 3Dx requires the 64-bit Services option be installed too.

    • Name Generator Installation - Installs the Name Generator. For more information, see Name Generator Service Setup and Configure the Name Generator Service.

    • Reference Data Installation - Installs the reference data needed to run Smart 3D. You should pick one server on which to install the reference data. Do not install reference data on each client or administrator computer. See Reference Data Setup.

    • Intergraph Smart 3D PDS Model & Data Translators Installation - Installs the PDS Model & Data Translators (licensed-separately, SEBY801) component that further extends the PDS integration capabilities by allowing you to export Piping, HVAC, Electrical, Equipment, and Structure model data from PDS into Smart 3D. For more information, see Install Smart 3D PDS Model & Data Translators.

    • Intergraph Smart 3D Tribon Interface Installation - Installs the Tribon Interface (licensed-separately, SEBY812) component that allows you to import Tribon Initial Design M3 structural data into Smart 3D in marine mode for planning and outfitting purposes. See Smart 3D Tribon Interface Setup.

      Serial numbers are used for product identification only. A license key from Intergraph Smart Licensing is required to run the software.

  7. Read the license agreement. Click to agree to the Software License Agreement, and then click Install.

    The selected options are installed on the computer.

  8. Click Finish.

    If you installed Smart 3D on a computer with version 4.8 of the .NET Framework installed, you must reboot your computer after installation completes.