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Sets options for repairing Tribon data.


Input XML file

Specifies the import file.

Output XML file

Specifies the output file. You can import this file into Smart 3D using Import Ship Structure Command.

Log File

Specifies a log file that stores information about the repair process.


Curved Panels

Select this box to choose curved panels, which are panels defined on a sculpted, not flat, surface.

Plane Panels

This option is not available in this release.

Select the curved panels to be modified in the xml

Specifies the panels to repair.


Change instance property of panel to As Defined

Changes the instance property to AsDefined. This property specifies the position of objects relative to their defining geometry. The different values for this property can be:


The objects are located where they were defined.


If the objects were defined on the port side, they are actually on the starboard side. If the objects were defined on the starboard side, they are actually on the port side.


The objects are symmetrical with respect to the origin and are located on both sides.

Move profile parts to other side of center line (Change Y value)

Reflects the profile parts about the Y-axis so the parts are in the correct location.

Move seams to other side of centerline (Change Y value)

Reflects the seams about the Y-axis so the parts are in the correct location.

The other options in this section are not available in this release of the software.

Options to process


Processes the selected panel and closes the dialog. You need to navigate to the log file location to review.


Cancels the repair selection or closes the dialog.


Processes the selected panel without closing the dialog. You can then change the selection to process another repair.

View Log

Opens the log file for selection and displays the results for the selected options. This option is available only after using the Apply option.