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Defines face plates, which are similar to Smart 3D edge reinforcements and typically use flat bar profile cross-sections. Face plates are created in the same way as the parent plate, as defined for Instance on the panel. Smart 3D transforms local coordinates into global coordinates. Smart 3D imports a face plate as ImpStiffenerType, with profile type of ImpFacePlate.

<FaceplateGroup GroupId="5" BendType="Straight">

<Material Grade="A">

<BarShape BarSectionId="FlatBar120*10" BarType="10">

<Parameters>120 10</Parameters>


<StartPoint2d U="0.0000000000E000"



<Amplitude2d U="0.0000000000E000"


<Node2d U="1.5000000000E001"






<Faceplate CompId="1" Assembly="1063-00_FacePlate">

<ModelRef ObjType="PlanePanel" ObjId="CG8520-TMT301A"

CompType="Limit" CompId="2"/>


<StartPoint2d U="1.4450000000E003"



<Amplitude2d U="0.0000000000E000"


<Node2d U="1.4450000000E003"






<Vector3d U="0.0000000000E000"

V="0.0000000000E000" W="1.0000000000E000"/>

<Vector3d U="0.0000000000E000"

V="0.0000000000E000" W="1.0000000000E000"/>


<End1 />

<End2 />

<Web MaterialDirection="Positive">









Specifies the curvature of part. This field is optional.


Specifies a material grade as defined in reference data. For more information, see <Material> in Reference Data XML Tags.


Defines the profile cross-section for the group.


Specifies a profile cross-section as defined in the reference data. For more information, see <BarSection> in Reference Data XML Tags.


Specifies a unique identifier for the profile cross-section. Smart 3D maps BarType to the Stiffener Bar Type property.


Defines dimension parameters for the profile cross-section.


Defines the height of the profile cross-section.


Contains all definitions for a single face plate.


Defines assembly information for the part. This attribute is optional.


Identifies an object.


Defines a unique numeric identifier for the object within the defined value of CompType.


Defines an object type, such as PlanePanel, CurvedPanel, or ShellCurve.


Defines a unique name for an object. Smart 3D maps ObjId to the Node Type property and uses it to track existing objects during re-import to determine if an object is new.


Defines the type of feature.


Defines the length and end points of the face plate. Smart 3D retrieves the cross-section from the catalog.


Defines the starting node point coordinates in the 2D U-V plane.


Specifies a segment of the contour in the 2D U-V plane. The segment can be a straight line or an arc.


Defines the distance of the midpoint of a segment from a line drawn between the node points. The U and V values are 0 for a straight line.


Defines the ending node point coordinates of a contour segment in the 2D U-V plane.


Specifies the offset of the face plate from the plate edge.


Defines the orientation angle of the face plate.


Defines the inclination vectors at a node point on <Trace>. If two values of <Vector3D> are provided for <Inclination>, then the orientation angles are applied at the pillar ends. If more than two values of <Vector3D> are provided, then the orientation angles are applied at each node of the trace.


Defines a value along the U-axis of the local coordinate system.


Defines a value along the V-axis of the local coordinate system.


Defines a value along the W-axis of the local coordinate system.


Defines the web of the face plate cross-section.