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Sets options for importing Tribon XML data.

XML file or path

Specify the name of and path to the XML file exported from Tribon. To process multiple files simultaneously, specify the name of and path to the folder that contains the XML files to import. Alternatively, you can use the browse feature and navigate to the file or folder of files to be used for import.

Map file

Specify the name of and path to the mapping file between the Tribon XML data and the Smart 3D data in the catalog. See Import Translation Map Workbook.


Select a system in the Smart 3D model under which to place the imported data.

Log Files from import

There are 2 log files created during the import:


This log contains the types of imported Tribon objects processed and the count of each type.

For example,


This log contains the errors encountered during import of Tribon files. The log file shows catalog and geometry errors.

For example,