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Workshop Surface Post-Treatment
Search by Category

Searches for works from the work queue. Although search criteria can vary according to the open page, the main functionality is the same. The search tool consists of static search columns and extra criteria. The extra criteria display when Show More is selected.

You can use % or * as a wildcard at the beginning or end of the word. You can replace letters using _ (one _ per replaced letter).


Search with static criteria

  1. Fill in the criteria.

  2. Click Search.

The software displays rows matching the criteria in the work queue.

Search with extra criteria

  1. Select Show More to display the extra criteria tools.

  2. Select the criteria from the list, and provide a value.

  3. Click Add.

    The software adds the specified criteria to the page, and processes the search.


    You can specify as many extra criteria as needed, but you cannot specify a criterium multiple times. For example, you cannot search with Location: A003 and Location: A004.

  4. Click Update to change the specified extra criteria.



  • Remove static criteria clearing the value from the box, and then clicking Search again.

  • Remove extra criteria by clicking Search_4.

  • Remove all the specified values by clicking Clear.

Whole Work Group

Displays items from other workplaces in the same work group. Depending on your configuration, this option might not display.