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To begin, select the workplace to monitor on the main page.

Open a workplace

  1. Move the cursor over the work group name.

  2. Click the workplace to open.

The software opens the workplace page. The Work Queue page displays by default.

Search for a patch

  1. Fill in the criteria fields. For example, type an order number.

  2. Click Search.

If any patch meets the specified criteria, the software filters the work queue list to display the item.

Workplace functionality_2

Open and select a patch

  1. Click the patch to start. Use CTRL+click to select multiple patches.

Workplace functionality_3


  1. Click Start Workplace functionality_4 to start the selected patches.

The Patch Number field value turns green to show the patch is currently in progress.

Workplace functionality_5


  1. When the patch completes, select the patch and click Complete Workplace functionality_6.

The software sets the patch to completed, and the patch disappears from the work queue.

Workplace functionality_7