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The workers on duty are selected from the Workers page. The system records the responsible workers for each production event performed in the workshop. Open the page with the Workers button available on each workplace.


The upper part of the window displays the workers from the default user group of this workplace. The user groups are defined in Smart Production System Settings. Depending on the system configuration, it is also possible to select from the list of All Workers.


  1. Select the check box for each worker to add to the list.

  2. Click Workers_2.

The list of selected workers displays in the upper-right corner of the page.


These workers are used when recording production events such as starting and completing works or setting pauses and disturbances.

Record an event for all workers

If none of the workers in the box are selected, the software records all of the workers as the event owners.

Record the event for a subset of the workers

If one or more of the workers in the box are selected, the software records only the selected workers as the event owners. You can select multiple workers simultaneously by pressing CTRL while selecting each worker. The software highlights the selected workers.