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Workshop lets you save, monitor, and change the storage locations of items. You can specify the storage location of items during receiving.

Depending on the system configuration, some or all of these functions might be unavailable.


Open the Storage Locations page by clicking Storage Locations_1.

Storage Locations_2

The list displays the items in stock. Use Search to search for a specific item or to see the contents of a specific storage location.

Use the list on the upper-left side to specify which items are shown:

  • Materials - Displays plates and remnants

  • Parts - Displays parts

  • Packages - Displays active and ready packages

  • Assemblies - Displays assemblies

The default selection of the list depends on the workplace from which you open the Storage Locations page. For example, if you open the page from a surface post-treatment workplace, Materials is selected by default.

Change the storage location

  1. Select the required rows.

    SHARED Tip You can select multiple items by pressing CTRL while you select the items.

  2. Click Update Location.

  3. Fill in the new location and count to be moved.

  4. Click Update Location.

If the updated row contains more items than the given count, the software splits the row into two, and the rest of the items stay in the old location.

Storage locations_3