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Workshop Surface Post-Treatment
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Surface post-treatment workplace has one work queue for patches received from surface treatment workplace.

The contents of the page (for example, headers, information) can vary according to your customization.

Surface Post Treatment Workplace page_1

Page Buttons

Using the page buttons, you can select between the work queue page, monitor contents of the storage locations, or select workers. The functionality of these pages is described later in this document.

Available Workers

The available workers list shows which workers have been selected from the Workers page to work on the current workplace at the moment.

Function Buttons

The function buttons perform different actions for the selected work of the work queue. The functionality is described later in this document.

Search Tool and Check Boxes

With the search tool, you can search specific works. Also, you can use the check boxes to define what information or functionality displays on the page.

Work Queue

Work queue shows the patches received from surface treatment workplace. Depending on the workplace location in the work phase chain, items in the patches can be materials or parts. The order of the queue is the order in which the works are scheduled to be done.