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Once device level calibration attribute data is populated on the Calibration tab for Equipment, it is time to specify each point within the operating range for which the device will be calibrated. These points are called ‘test points’ within EAM.

When creating a test point, some field values on this page will default based on the corresponding device level values on the Calibration tab for Equipment. The combination of Set and Sequence define the primary key for test points. See Equipment (A/S/P): Calibration tab for details of these ideas.

The Sequence value is the intended order for which the test points will be calibrated during the calibration procedure. Valid integer values range from 0 to 9999.

  • See Equipment (A/S/P): Calibration tab for explanation of fields on this page that also exist at the device level.

  • The Percentage / Absolute radio button value from the device level data is represented on this page by the Percentage check box.

  • Output should be entered if the standard’s UOM is different than the UOM for which the reading is taken.

  • Output and Output UOM will be protected on this page if Output Calculation Type at the device level = ‘Linear’ or ‘Square Root.’

  • The User Defined Field Values on this page are test point specific and will be copied to the corresponding test point on calibration work orders.

  • Test Point, Output, Device Tolerance From, and Device Tolerance To are controlled by the Precision defined. If Precision is populated on the test point, then that value will control the precision of these fields; else, it is controlled by the device level Precision value.

  • Valid values for Test Point and Output range from -999999999999999999.999999 to 999999999999999999.999999.

  • See the "Import Test Points Popup" section for details of the Import Test Points ‘Action’ available on this page.

  • If Percentage is selected, the system will remove any trailing zeros previously added to Device Tolerance From/To because a specified Precision was being enforced i.e., precision does not apply to Device Tolerance From/To if Percentage is selected.

  • The CALPREC installation parameter allows customers to determine if the Output field is controlled by precision. If CALPREC = ON, then it will be controlled. If CALPREC = OFF, then it will not be controlled. Be aware that Test Point and Device Tolerance From/To are always controlled by precision.

  • This tab is controlled by Department Security, based on the Department of the selected equipment.