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Create an equipment record for each device, sometimes called instruments, for which a calibration is to be performed. There is no difference in calibration capabilities between the different equipment types.

These fields are found on the Record View tab for Equipment. Brief descriptions are provided as well:

  • P&ID Drawing - Enter the P&ID drawing that is relevant for the device (instrument or loop). This value will be copied to calibration work orders for the device. There are no delivered business rules that impact, or are based on, this value.

  • P&ID No. - Enter the P&ID number that is relevant for the device (instrument or loop). See P&ID Drawing for behavior.

  • See Categories: Calibration and Test Points tabs for details on creating different device records more easily based on their categorization.

  • If any of these steps have not been performed or the Optimized Scheduler server is down when the EAM job attempts to process records into the Optimized Scheduler, an error will be displayed on the relevant Optimized Scheduler Setup record explaining that EAM was unable to connect to the Optimized Scheduler.

  • For HxGN EAM versions prior to v11.7, P&ID Drawing and P&ID No. fields are located on the Calibration tab for Equipment.