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Calibration is testing and comparing an unknown characteristic of a device when placed under a known characteristic load. The unknown characteristic when calibrating a weight scale, for example, would be the weight reading of the gauge. The known characteristic load is sometimes called a standard. The known characteristic, or standard, would be an object of a verified weight placed onto the scale.

If a 2kg standard is placed onto the scale, you would expect the scale gauge would read 2kg, or within an acceptable tolerance around that value. Of course, it is reasonable to assume that the scale gauge is not considered calibrated because a single 2kg standard is reading correctly when placed onto the scale. This is particularly true if the scale has an operating range of 0kg – 100kg. To be considered calibrated, a person would repeat the above process with different standards across the entire scale range. For example, standards of 0kg, 2kg, 20kg, 50kg, 75kg, and 100 kg would be used to verify the scale’s actual reading. These are called test points in EAM. If the actual reading is within the acceptable tolerance for all the standards listed across the operating range, then the scale gauge would be considered calibrated.

Within EAM’s calibration processes, customers will create the devices to be calibrated (Equipment in EAM), standards used to calibrate (stand-alone Parts or by asset Parts in EAM, and preventive maintenance tasks for the periodic calibration of devices (PM Schedules / Maintenance Patterns). Each calibration task, and the results of said calibration, will be documented on EAM Work Orders.

These details and more will be discussed in this document.

This functionality is available as an extra purchase, or ‘add-on’ module. It is not available as part of the base EAM product. The EAM CD Key controls access to the calibrations module. A permissions error will be displayed if a user attempts to access calibrations specific screens/tabs within HxGN EAM.