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It is important to be proactive in calibration practices. That is why customers set up preventive maintenance schedules (or maintenance patterns) that define the frequency by which devices and calibration standards are periodically calibrated to ensure continued compliance and to catch devices that are trending out of calibration before it occurs.

PM schedules and maintenance patterns that define these calibration schedules are setup just like any other equipment PM schedule in EAM, except that the Test Point Set needs to be specified on the Equipment tab for PM Schedules and on Maintenance Patterns. The Test Point Set value defines which set of test points will get copied to the calibration work order when generated. This is important when a device has multiple ‘sets’ of test points (see Equipment (A/S/P): Test Points tab for details).

The value will default to asterisk (*) and can be changed, if necessary, i.e., if there is only 1 set of test points then the set assigned to them on the Test Points tab for Equipment is likely already asterisk (*) as that is the default value on that screen. In addition, make sure to select the Calibrations WO Type on the PM Schedule or Maintenance Pattern (i.e., device test points are not copied to the work order otherwise).