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Intergraph Spoolgen is specifically designed for piping fabricators who need to add fabrication and construction information to design isometrics delivered by EPCs, generated from 3D models held in plant design systems. Spoolgen enables fabricators to add fabrication and construction information to electronic pipeline data files without the need for re-drafting or re-entry of material data. The software then automatically produces the required number of spool isometrics for pipe fabrication in the workshop. Erection isometrics for the complete pipe can also be produced, aiding on-site construction activities when the spools are finally erected in-situ.

Spoolgen integrates with all of the leading 3D plant design systems and contains the following key features:

  • Allows interactive spooling. The scope and content of each spool is fully visible in the user interface and under user control.

  • Enables the addition of fabrication and construction information to piping isometrics.

  • Generates all necessary isometric drawings and reports automatically.

  • Defines spools by the addition of field weld positions on-screen.

  • Allows you to add your own pipeline attribute data.

  • Enables the importing of piping data from leading plant design systems such as Smart 3D and PDS.

  • Delivers drawing output files in AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, Shape 2D, or SmartSketch format.

  • Provides a range of dimensioning options: string, composite, overall, and to center or end of valves.

  • Supports optional output files, including material control, weld summary, spool information, cutting list, printed bill of materials, component traceability, bending control, drawing cross reference, and bulk material list.

  • Supports industry-standard drawing sizes that conform to ANSI, "A" series, or a user-defined size.

Recommended configurations

Spoolgen works in a project environment. As such, you must log in to a project before you can begin working with any design files. The software supports two types of projects: the SpoolgenDB project and the legacy Spoolgen project. Each project type has a specific recommended machine configuration.

SpoolgenDB projects

The SpoolgenDB project relies on a relational database back-end and requires access to a SQL database. The recommended configuration consists of the following three components:

  • The Smart API Manager, which manages the authentication of users and provides access to the Spoolgen Web API.

  • The SQL Server database, which stores the piping design data.

  • The Spoolgen Web API, which wraps the SQL Server database.

These three components are independent of one another. You can install each component on a different server or all on the same server. Setting up all components on a laptop is also acceptable.

Typically, Spoolgen is installed on a separate workstation computer. However, you can also install the client software on the same computer as the server components. I-Configure, which you use to set up projects and styles, can also be installed on the same computer as Spoolgen, or you can install it on a file server when shared between multiple clients.

For more information about the computer configuration required for working with SpoolgenDB projects and the cloud-ready SQL database, see the Spoolgen Web API Installation Guide delivered on the Spoolgen Web API product media.

Legacy Spoolgen projects

Working with legacy Spoolgen projects relies on a much simpler configuration. Because the Spoolgen project contains the Access database, only a client and an I-Configure project and styles server are needed.