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Spoolgen is delivered with a suite of products and tools that complement and further enhance its functionality. These products and tools are delivered by default when you install the software.


Simplifies the customization of piping isometrics produced by Isogen. I-Configure provides access to Isogen Configuration. Using Isogen Configuration, you can configure virtually everything about the piping isometric drawing, from the style of dimensioning and format of weld and part numbers to the location and layout of the material take-off, enabling you to produce isometric drawings to your own specifications.

Key Features

  • Delivers quick access to a user-interface for configuration Isogen controls.

  • Provides Explorer-type windows to navigate available projects and styles.

  • Uses XML files for storage of project and drawing style information.

You can link directly to the I-Configure Help using https://docs.hexagonppm.com/go/2016IConfigureHelp.


Automates the conversion of piping specifications and catalogs from a variety of plant design systems for use with Smart Isometrics.

Key Features

  • Converts piping specifications and catalogs for use in Smart Isometrics quickly and easily.

  • Allows you to reuse existing reference data held in 3D plant design systems.

  • Updates piping catalogs for Smart Isometrics and the plant design system by maintaining a single data source.

  • Supports all leading plant design systems, including PDS, PDMS, AutoPLANT, and CADWorx.

I-Data Integrator

Enables links between the data generated during Isogen runs with almost any downstream IT system, such as material control, purchasing, and workshop management systems. I-Data Integrator is compatible with any version of Isogen, so it can be used by engineering contractors using Intergraph Smart 3D and PDS, as well as site engineers using Smart Isometrics.

Key Features

  • Publishes Isogen data in various formats, such as Microsoft Access database tables, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, comma delimited files, fixed format text files, and XML files.

  • Supports extraction of data directly from Isogen data files, such as IDF, PCF, and POD files.

  • Enables open configuration using SQL statements and scripts.

  • Supports linking Isogen tables with external data sources that support industry-standard Microsoft data access tools, such as Microsoft Access and Excel, as well as high-end, server-based databases, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.


Merges individual pipeline Isogen Data Files or Piping Component Files from any Isogen-enabled plant design system into a single system. This data can then serve as input to Smart Isometrics to create pipeline system isometric drawings, which can be used for the commissioning, construction, inspection, and testing of installed piping systems.

Key Features

  • Enables merging of multiple single pipeline files into a system file.

  • Confirms system content by visually displaying pipelines.

  • Examines pipeline connectivity and highlights 3D modeling issues.

  • Pinpoints groupings of pipelines into connected systems via reporting tools.

  • Simplifies system data through its pipe-stripping tool.

I-View CAD

Converts the Isogen Data File (IDF) or Piping Component File (PCF) output from any Isogen-enabled plant design system to create a scaled 3D model in AutoCAD or MicroStation format, complete with tag data or component information.

Key Features

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.

  • Requires no extensive knowledge of MicroStation or AutoCAD.

  • Creates supporting data files that are compatible with Intergraph Smart Review and NavisWorks' JetStream products.

  • Provides multiple ways to configure model output for added flexibility.

Material Editor

Provides a single environment for creating, editing, and managing reference data, such as the material data files, catalogs, and piping specifications used in Smart Isometrics. Material Editor is also used to customize the other material, bolts, coupling, supports and welds that you can add to a pipeline in Spoolgen prior to producing spool sheets and isometric drawings for fabrication and construction.

Key Features

  • Supports the import of I-Sketch v2 format reference data as part of the upgrade path from I-Sketch v2 to Smart Isometrics.

  • Supports the import of SmartPlant Reference Data materials data.

  • Enables rapid creation of piping catalogs and specifications from paper-based documents.

  • Delivers comprehensive design rules, such as branch table, default choice, bolting tables, and so on.

Symbol Editor

Provides a user-friendly interface in which you can easily create new or modify existing .xml-based or ASCII symbols files for use in Isogen drawings and Smart Isometric sketches. The software allows you to graphically define and modify a component and save it to a XML-based file or export the redefined symbol to an Isogen ASCII file so that it can be used in your generated isometric drawings.