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Spoolgen user assistance makes information available as you perform tasks. You can access different kinds of information any time that you are running the software, such as narrative descriptions of a command or step-by-step instructional material.


Spoolgen Help is a complete online reference tool accessible at any time. A structured table of contents, an index, and full-text search capabilities provide easy access to Help topics. The Spoolgen Help also provides command descriptions and gives step-by-step procedures for common tasks. For example, if you need to perform a certain task, search for and display the topic. You can move or resize your application and Help windows so that they are next to each other. This enables you to follow the procedures without having to search for the pages in the documentation.

You can access the online Help by clicking Intergraph Spoolgen Help on the Help menu. The software also provides copies of the online Help in the [Product Folder]\resdlls\0009 folder.


Show or hide the left pane of the dialog box, including the Contents, Index, and Search.


Returns you to the last Help topic you viewed. This button is disabled when you reach the first topic in the series.


Prints the selected topic or all the topics within the selected heading


Displays a list of functions available for the Help viewer.


Displays a hierarchical listing of the topics in the Help file.


Displays an index for the Help file.


Performs a full-text search on a word or phrase that you entered in the Search box.


Provides a convenient way to organize and link frequently visited topics.

User Interface Features

ToolTips help you find toolbar command names. When you point to a command button on the toolbar, a yellow label displays the command's name. Pointing to any command on a toolbar or menu and pressing F1 opens the online Help, allowing you to locate information about using the command.