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The MinumumDuctThickness sheet in the HVAC.xls workbook defines the allowed minimum material thickness of various duct materials for different cross-sections that you want in the Catalog. The displayed minimum thickness value depends on the depth and width combinations as defined in the selected specification. For example if you select 6 in as width, and the corresponding minimum duct thickness value defined in the specification is 3 mm, then the list of minimum duct thickness values displayed are greater than or equal to 3 mm.

To include the allowed duct thickness values defined in the PermissibleDuctThicknessPerSpec sheet, the specification must exist in the sheet. By default the allowed thickness values are as defined in the HVACSpec sheet.


Specify the name of the HVAC specification.


Type the name of the material, such as steel - carbon.


Type the size of the duct start range cross-section in mm (millimeters) or in (inches).


Type the size of the duct end range cross-section in mm (millimeters) or in (inches).


Type the minimum thickness for the material for the cross-section values in mm (millimeters) or in (inches).