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In HxGN EAM, these share requests are again handled on the Energy Star Setup screen.

  1. On the Energy Star Setup screen clicks Actions and then Get Pending Authorizations.

  2. Use the lookup to select your Account ID and click Submit.

  3. HxGN EAM will list the confirmed shares but will also add any new share requests. The new unmapped requests do not yet have an HxGN EAM equipment (EAM Building ID) and Meter UOM (EAM Meter ID) filled in.

  4. Before you continue and establish the mapping make sure your HxGN EAM setup is correct for the required mapping:

    1. Create an equipment (Asset, Position or System) and select both the Track Utility Bills and the Track GAS checkboxes.

    2. Associate a Meter UOM to this equipment on the Meters tab. For electricity choose kWh for example.

    3. Find the Energy Star Meter Unit on the Energy Star Setup screen for this equipment. This UOM is automatically defined for you on the Units of Measure screen in HxGN EAM.

    4. Then define the conversion factor between the HxGN EAM Meter and the Energy Star Meter Unit. On the Units of Measure screen in HxGN EAM select the HxGN EAM UOM. Then on the Conversion tab add the conversion factor from the HxGN EAM UOM to the Energy Star Meter Unit.

  5. On the Energy Star Setup screen, you can now select the unmapped records and associate the HxGN EAM equipment and UOM. Click Save. If multiple meters are defined for one property in Portfolio Manager, e.g., Electric and Natural Gas, the system will populate the EAM Building ID on all these records with the same Energy Star Property ID. However, it will not fill in the EAM Meter ID. You still must select those manually.

  6. If all energy star setup records have an EAM Building ID and EAM Meter ID filled in, click Actions and then Confirm Pending Authorizations.

  7. Use the lookup to select your Account ID and click Submit.

  8. Verify the system updates the records on the screen and that Confirmed is now selected. Note this may take time.

  9. In Portfolio Manager under the Notifications link you should be able to verify that the share requests were accepted. The Sharing tab should also indicate same.

At this point the link between HxGN EAM and Portfolio Manager for the shared properties and meters is established and you can start sending energy consumption from HxGN EAM to Portfolio Manager.