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This section will now focus on an example survey initiation, completion, and submission. Once the submission is complete, the discussion will return to the Customer Survey record, focusing on the Results tab.

The following is an example of how the Customer Survey might be initiated. The following assumptions exist:

  • On the Triggers tab of Customer Surveys:

    • The Entity Trigger for this survey is "Work Order".

    • The Status Trigger is "Completed".

    • The E-mail Source is "Reported By".

  • The Customer Survey has a Status = "Approved".

  • An individual named "QA-BOB" has been created as an employee with his E-mail address included.

  • A work order has been created, Reported By = "QA-BOB".

  • This work order has its Status changed to "Completed".

  • The install parameters SURVYURL and @CUSSRVY have valid values

    • For the install parameter SURVYURL, the Format: <protocol><server name with port>/survey/

    • For the install parameter @CUSSSRVY, the valid value of ‘Y’

      Port is only required if your application server is configured to use a special port.

  • Databridge for customer surveys has been enabled- (You can do this by going to the Databridge Partners screen, change the dataspy to show "All Partners" and making the record "INFOR-ONRAMP" as active. You will also have to go to the Subscriptions tab of this record and make "CUSTSURVEYEVENT" as Enabled.)

  • The MAIL driver must be active along with a value value for the mail server install parameter SMTPSERV.

  • ION must be pointed to the tenant. (More information on the next section- Customer survey Emails – ION Configuration)

  • To make sure that the customer survey is being sent to the right URL, go to the Databridge Message status, search for CUSTSURVEYEVENT, and click "View". Inside the popup, make sure that the SURVEY URL has the right link, which matches the build.

  • Upon the changing of the work order Status to "Completed", the system generates an email to QA-BOB containing a link to a structured, empty survey.

  • The responder completes the survey and then clicks Submit.