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As well as providing you with ready-to-use symbols, SmartSketch's Symbol Authoring option gives you the flexibility to create your own.

There are several ways to create your symbols in SmartSketch. You can:

  • Draw a shape from scratch using the drawing tools, such as the line, rectangle, ellipse, and freeform tools.

  • Merge a shape with other shapes to create a new, unique symbol.

  • Revise an existing SmartSketch symbol.

To use this functionality, you must first install Symbol Authoring using Add-Ins on the Tools menu. If you do not see the Symbol Authoring add-in listed in the Add-In Manager, you must run the Custom setup to install the Symbol Authoring option. For more information on installing SmartSketch options, see the Installation Guide, available with the Help > Printable Guides command from within the software.

SmartPoint Properties - Places SmartPoints on a symbol. For more information, see SmartPoint Properties Command.

Symbol Origin - Defines the origin of the symbol that you are creating. For more information, see Symbol Origin Command.

Symbol Properties - Defines properties for a symbol. For more information, see Symbol Properties Command.

Lookup Table - Imports data from an open database connectivity (ODBC) data source to drive values for symbol parameters and attributes. For more information, see Lookup Table Command.

Symbol Representation - Defines different representations of the same symbol within one symbol document (.sym). For more information, see Symbol Representation Command.

Edit SmartText - Defines the contents of a SmartLabel. SmartLabels are associated to an object's attributes and displays those attributes as text in the document. For more information, see Edit SmartText Command.