Draw a Curve with FreeForm - SmartSketch - Help

SmartSketch Help

  1. On the Draw toolbar, click FreeForm .

  2. Drag to draw a curve.

  • Smooth allows the software to adjust the geometry that you draw.

  • When Smooth is off, the software interprets the exact movements of your pointer.

  • When Smooth is on, the software creates smooth, symmetric, or cusp curves.

  • You can use relationships to draw a curve that is tangent or perpendicular at its start point and end point. If Maintain Relationships is set, the software places relationship handles.

  • You can begin or end your drawing using the end point or key point of an element.

  • You can use Insert Node on the shortcut menu to add nodes to a curve.

  • You can use Delete Node on the shortcut menu to delete nodes from a curve.

  • You can use the options on the ribbon and the commands on the shortcut menu to edit a curve.