Rotate an Element - SmartSketch - Help

SmartSketch Help

  1. Select one or more elements.

  2. On the Change toolbar, click Rotate .

  3. If you want to copy the rotated elements, click Copy on the ribbon.

  4. Click where you want the center of rotation to be. The software dynamically displays a reference axis for the rotation.

  5. Click to define the other end of the reference axis. The software dynamically displays the rotation axis and elements being rotated. The location and position of the reference axis defines the rotation 'from' point.

  6. Position the elements where you want them and then click to define the rotation 'to' point.

  • To rotate by increments, type a value in the Step Angle box on the ribbon.

  • You can click Rotate before you select elements to rotate.

  • You can use relationship indicators to define the rotation 'from' and 'to' points.

  • Instead of using Copy on the ribbon to copy the rotated elements, you can hold CTRL while you click to define the 'to' point.

  • Relationships between elements within the selection set are maintained if the relationships still apply after the elements have been rotated.

  • You can use other view manipulation commands, such as Zoom and Pan, while you are using Rotate.

When you finish manipulating the view, the software returns you to Rotate at the point where you left off.

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