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  1. On the Tools menu, set the PinPoint option On.

    You can click Reposition Target on the PinPoint toolbar or press F12 to change the location of the target point to the current position.

  2. On the Draw toolbar, click Place Doubleline.

  3. Click a point to start the doubleline.

  4. Click a point to end the doubleline. This action defines the length and rotation angle of the doubleline.

  5. To end the doubleline, right-click.

  6. Pause over the doubleline, and press F12 to reposition the target point and to precisely determine the starting point of the next doubleline.

  7. Place the second doubleline relative to a known point on the first one.

  • You can also press F9 to set PinPoint on or off.

  • Instead of clicking to draw the end points, you can type values on the ribbon. You can also use a combination of graphic and ribbon input.

  • You can press Esc to end a doubleline or a doubleline segment.

  • If Maintain Relationships is set, the software creates relationships between the endpoints of the lines.

  • You can use the software to create an end point of a doubleline tangent or perpendicular to the key point or end point of another element.

  • You can use the options on the ribbon and the commands on the shortcut menu to edit a doubleline.

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