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To use MicroStation cells as symbols in your document, the cells must first be converted into individual symbols (.sym). On the File menu, Open allows you to open a MicroStation cell library. A directory is created, with the same name as the cell library. The individual cells within the library are saved as individual symbols in the new directory.

To use this functionality, you must install the Translators option.

All MicroStation Type 2 cells are imported into your document as a group. The group contains a dynamic attribute set that stores the name of the cell, its origin, and any other data characterizing the cell. There is, therefore, enough information stored in the group to reconstruct an element back into a cell to export in the future.

You can drag these symbols from the Symbol Explorer or Windows Explorer into other documents.

Options for the cell library units (SU and PU) can be set on the MicroStation Import Options dialog box. You can access this dialog box by clicking Options on the Tools menu. Then, on the Foreign Data tab, you can enter the appropriate working units in the SU: and MU: fields.

Symbols in your document are saved as MicroStation cells during translation from your document to MicroStation formats.

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