Place a Revision Cloud - SmartSketch - Help

SmartSketch Help

  1. On the Draw toolbar, click Revision Cloud .

  2. On the ribbon, select the size of the arcs you want to place in the Arc Mode list.

  3. In the Caption box, type the text you want to place as a label for the revision cloud.

    If you don't want a label generated, leave the Caption box blank.

  4. Click a point in the drawing to indicate the start point for the revision cloud, and then move the mouse to sketch the revision cloud.

    As you move the mouse, the software displays the outline of the revision cloud in red.

  5. To close the revision cloud, click again.

    End drawing the revision cloud near the point where you started drawing so that the final closing arc is not disproportionate in size to the other arcs that comprise the revision cloud.

  6. If you typed text in the Caption field, the software displays the label in a red rectangle on your cursor at the bottom center of the revision cloud. Do one of the following:

    • Drag the rectangle to the appropriate location and then click to place it.

    • Right-click to place the label at the default location (bottom center of the revision cloud).

  • To move a revision cloud after placement, select the revision cloud and drag it to the appropriate location.

  • You cannot modify the shape or the size of a revision cloud after placement.