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SmartSketch Help

  1. Select a dimension.

  2. On the ribbon, click Prefix .

  3. On the Dimension Prefix dialog box, type the characters that you want to appear as prefix, superfix, suffix, and subfix information in the appropriate boxes.

    While you type information in one of the boxes, you can also click a symbol at the top of the dialog box to add symbols to the prefix, superfix, suffix, and subfix information.

  4. Click Apply to change the dimension that you selected.

  • You can also use the Dimension Prefix dialog box while you place a dimension.

  • You can change the prefix or suffix gap by selecting a dimension. Then, you can click Properties on the Edit menu. On the Spacing tab of the Dimension Properties dialog box, change the prefix or suffix gap. You can also set the superfix or subfix gap on this tab.

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