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The j5 interface has two mechanisms for synchronization with Maximo.

Full synchronization

All the locations, assets, services requests, and work orders are fetched from Maximo. The full data set is processed in j5 to identify entries that should be inserted, updated, or deleted. The changes are applied to the j5 database. The assets are remapped based on the changes received from Maximo.

This is an intensive and long-running task. It is started manually from the Maximo console. j5 controls the memory usage and load on the Maximo server by querying and processing Maximo data in batches.

The full synchronization is typically used as the initial integration step with Maximo.

Incremental synchronization

j5 identifies the last data it received from Maximo and queries Maximo for data that has changed since the last successful synchronization.

The incremental synchronization runs at the configured schedule (if automatic synchronization is enabled) and is sufficient to retrieve all the changes in Maximo going forward.

If the incremental synchronization doesn't run for a long time and the SOAP request times out due to there being too many records to fetch, you might need to manually run the full synchronization again to allow the incremental synchronization to succeed.