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You can view and add Maximo service requests within j5. To open the Service Requests module, select Maximo > Service Requests.

When a service request is made in Maximo, j5 won't know until it synchronizes with Maximo. The service requests can be set up to sync hourly, daily, or weekly.

To make a service request:

  1. Select Add ADDicon

  2. Select the relevant operational areas.

  3. Enter the service request description (for example, Fix pump A31).

  4. Select the affected equipment.

  5. Select Save SAVEicon. A validation appears if the same equipment item/s was logged within the last 30 days.

    A linked IndustraForm is created after saving the service request details.

  6. Enter more information into the linked IndustraForm. The Reported Date is a required field.

  7. Select Submit. A message is sent to Maximo when the IndustraForm is submitted. The Service Request Submission Status is displayed with the service request details.