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After importing the Maximo Functional Locations into j5, your functional locations should be linked to your j5 Operational Areas. The links between the locations and operational areas allow you to filter the Maximo equipment with the operational areas in the asset selector when making a Maximo Service Request or any entry that has an equipment selector in j5.

Your functional locations can be linked to your operational areas manually on the Maximo Functional Locations configuration page, or you can link the locations in bulk using the Area Mapping (XLS) in the Maximo Console.

To link your functional locations in bulk:

  1. On the Maximo Console, select Download under Area Mapping (XLS). The functional locations and operational area paths on j5 are downloaded.

  2. Open the Functional Locations.xlsx spreadsheet on your computer.

  3. Enter the operational area paths for each location in the Operational Area columns.

    • Each row defines one location and its operational area availability.

    • Each location can be linked to multiple operational areas.

    • Copy-and-paste the operational area paths from the Operational Areas tab into the Operational Area columns for each location. Alternatively, create option lists with the area paths on the Operational Area tab so you can select the relevant operational areas for each location.

    • In the default import spreadsheet, there are ten Operational Area columns for each location. More Operational Area columns can be added as required.

    Functional locations can also be bulk disabled using this spreadsheet. To disable functional locations, move the locations you want to disable from the Functional Location Map tab to the Disabled Functional Locations tab.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Upload the XLS file.

  6. Select Apply Asset Mapping.