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Some actions may only occur once, but may apply to a group of people. Bulk actions are defined once, and then generate a copy for each member in the list of assigned users. This list of users can be edited when created. Bulk actions can be released, canceled and deleted.

In the default installation, the information relating to each Bulk Action is presented under the following tabs in the detail view:

  • Detail - contains the primary information about the Bulk Action. This information is similar to that of the Action Detail tab. The notable difference being:

    • The selection of responsible persons now happens through a pop up dialog to cater for multiple responsible persons (refer to figure Bulk Actions - Responsible Person Selection)

    • You can only select one approver, the final approver.

  • Primary Responsible person - contains a list of all the responsible persons associated to the action.

  • Actions - contains the individual actions created by the Bulk Action. This also highlights the progress on each of the bulk action instances.

Before individual actions are created you will need to select "Release actions" on the Bulk Actions details page.