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Some actions may repeat on a fixed schedule. An example of this could be the preparation of reports and information feeding into a monthly meeting. Scheduled Actions provides an easy way of doing this. Scheduled actions are created once and generate individual actions according to the defined schedule. This schedule can be adjusted when disabled.

In the default installation, the information relating to each Scheduled Action is presented under the following tabs in the record detail view:

  • Detail - contains the primary information of the Scheduled Action. This information is similar to that of the Action Detail tab, but also has information regarding the schedule.

  • Actions - contains the individual actions created by the Scheduled Action.


Definition & Information

Schedule Type

The Schedule Type can either be Simple, Advanced or chosen from a Predefined Template. Predefined schedules are schedules configured in the Schedules logbook. Note that Actions that have been created with a Predefined Template schedule type will not be updated if the schedule configuration is updated.

Schedule Start Date

Date when the scheduling period starts.

Schedule Finish Date

Date when the scheduling period ends.

Allow multiple open actions?

If checked, actions are created at the scheduled time regardless of the state of previously created actions. When unchecked, actions are only created when the previous actions are closed*

*Repeat Every/Yearly repeat, Monthly repeat, Daily Repeat

The repetition period of the Scheduled action.

Create Action

How far in advance an action should be created.


Activate/deactivate the Scheduled Action.

When a scheduled action is created it starts off as Deactivated. Once activated, action records will be created at the scheduled time. These created action records can be viewed in the actions tab.