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Imported geometry file’s defined error types:

  1. Import type error - import type does not exist,

    error message "Error! Import type '{import type name}' does not exist",

  2. Import set error – import set not found or other set loading exception existing,

    error message "ImportSet '{import set name}' not found, Import canceled. {exception message}' ",

  3. Intergraph native XML import control set error – settings name is wrong or missing,

    error message "Unable to start xml-import, check used ControlSet '{control set name}'" or

    "Unable to start xml-import, ControlSet is missing",

  4. XML conversion error – xml conversion failed,

    error message "XML conversion failed for file: {file name}",

  5. Part geometry attachment error – DXF import file not found for given attachment ID,

    error message "DXF import file not found for attachment id: {attachment ID}",

  6. Geometry type mismatch - type of geometry being read does not match with entering geometry type,

    error message "Geometry type does not match",

  7. Open file failed - file opening fails,

    error message "Can't open file",

  8. No supported unit - not supported unit of measure (supported: inch, mm),

    error message "Not supported unit of measure",

  9. No parts found – no parts to import,

    error message "No parts found",

  10. No part elements found – imported part geometry is empty,

    error message "No part’s elements found",

  11. Duplicate tag – duplicate of part geometry bevel tag,

    error message "Duplicate unique part tag",

  12. Unsolved cases – geometry errors, formed from following parts: type of Solver Checker + error string.

    Five types of Solver Checker are used to geometry checking during the geometry import action:

    ElementOverlap, EmptyElement, BevelParameters, PartToolLayerType, OpenProfile.

    ElementOverlap checks whether part’s elements are intersecting or overlapping,

    error message "ElementOverlap – Overlapping Element",

    EmptyElement checks whether element is empty,

    error message "EmptyElement - Elements count is 0",

    BevelParameters checking consists of two types: bevel tag checking, bevel parameters checking.

    In the first case "bevel tag checking" the next error types and messages are possible:

    Incorrect bevel code – "Incorrect bevel code {bevel attribute}",

    Incorrect nose location code – "Incorrect nose location {bevel attribute}",

    Illogical thickness – "Illogical thickness {bevel attribute}".

    In the second case "bevel parameters checking" the next error types and messages are possible:

    Upper and/or lower angle – "Value of angle must be between 1 and 90",

    Upper and/or lower relief angle – "Angle of relief is less than bevel angle",

    Upper and/or lower relief width – "Width of relief is less than width of bevel surface",

    Upper and/or lower relief height – "Depth of relief is too big",

    Upper and/or lower bevel surface height – "Depth of relief is greater than depth of bevel surface",

    Bevel thickness – "Thickness of plate is too small", "Plate thickness cannot be zero".

    PartToolLayerType checks whether the outer profile elements are on the "Mirrored" or "NotMirrored" layer, should be on the "Normal" layer,

    error message:

    "Outer profile has NotMirrored tool layer type" or

    "Outer profile has Mirrored tool layer type".

    Error messages examples:

    "BevelParameters – Incorrect bevel code [N][20]" or

    "BevelParameters - Plate thickness cannot be zero",

    "PartToolLayerType - Outer profile has NotMirrored tool layer type".

    OpenProfile checks whether the cut profile geometry is open,

    error message "OpenProfile - Open profile".

  13. Invalid database fields - invalid database attributes of readable part,

    error message "Invalid attributes",

  14. Database error – database error,

    error message "Database error",

  15. Database saving error – database saving failed,

    error messages "Database saving failed with partID: {part ID}. Reason: {exception message},

    "Database saving failed: {custom error}".

Project Import log view. Geometry import error messages shown in the Info column