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Intergraph Smart Production Project Import

Intergraph Smart Production
  1. Open Project Import from the application bar or by using a direct link to the Project Import web page.

    Project Import requires Internet Explorer version 9 or higher and several customized settings. For more information, see Internet Explorer Settings.

  2. Click the Browse button.

    The Choose File to Upload dialog box displays.

  3. Select the Assembly XML file to import, and click Open.

    The Assembly XML file is usually named SmartProductionParts.xml, SmartProductionFull.xml, NestixOutput.xml, or AssemblyOutput.xml.

  4. Click Import.

    The system begins the import process. The import is complete when the Finalized step reaches 100 and displays in green.

A rotating circle displays in the center of the window when Project Import is "busy", such as during a search or at the onset of an import when files are copied to server. After the files are copied, the server handles the import process entirely. This allows you to navigate to different imports while the current import finishes.